Cair-o-thene Pool Covers


Cair-o-thene Pool Covers are a perfect solution for the prevention of pool water evaporation. They are easily cut to suit any pool shape and are light and easy to handle. They are made of a UV stabilized material that will withstand the harshest summer sun.

Precut panels sizes 30mm thick UV stablized Blue
Thickness: 2.5m x 1.2m
3.0m x 1.2m
3.5m x 1.2m
4.0m x 1.2m


  • UV Stabilised Pool Cover
  • DIY or precut panels
  • Reduces evaporation by 95%
  • Reduces chemical use
  • Keeps water temperature warm
  • Panels are easy to install and remove
  • Panels are stackable on the side of the pool
  • *this is not a safety device , but purely a means to save water*


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