Cair-o-thene Netting


Cair-o-thene Netting is a unique packing medium that is used to protect a range of fragile goods such as fruit and glassware. Given its expandable nature, it’s also a one-size-fits all protective solution that safeguards a variety of cylindrical objects — ranging from furniture legs to wine bottles.

Michdar’s Cair-o-thene Netting is a soft and extremely lightweight foam mesh that is made from food grade virgin polymer, is chemically neutral, non toxic, odourless, hygienic and cost effective. Furthermore, the material is impervious to bacteria and mould which makes it ideal for use in the food industry.


Tube or round nets:
Material thickness: Various strand diameters available ranging from 2 – 6mm
Net diameter: Various diameters available ranging from 65mm – 140mm
Standard sizes: 65mm x 140mm
100mm x 150mm
100mm x 180mm
100mm x 200mm
Length: Cut to order
Net mats MK6 (280mm x 375mm)
MK4 (460mm x 300mm)
MK9 (580mm x 400mm)
Aironet Socks 65mm x 20m ( 200m / bale )
100mm x 50m ( 500m / bale )


  • Protects
  • Insulates
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Is non-toxic
  • Is chemically neutral
  • Is of food grade standard


  • Agricultural — It extends the life and appearance of fruit and vegetables. It protects fruit, vegetables and plants from bruising and damage while in transit or on the shelf – in addition to allowing for rapid cooling when refrigerated.
  • Horticulture and nurseries — Protects plants from bruising and damage while in transit. This includes flower bud protectors.
  • Wine and bottle manufacturers — Protects glassware and bottles
  • Furniture — Protects furniture legs from scuffs and marks


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