Cair-o-thene Metalised Rolls


Cair-o-thene rolls can be laminated to Kraft paper, LDPE/HDPE plastics, metallised and aluminium foils in order to create a robust range of products.

By laminating Cair-o-thene to aluminium or metallised foils, the product’s overall strength and insulation (heat deflection) is increased while the cushioning and water resistant properties remain intact. Given that Cair-o-thene is chemically inert and made from food grade virgin polymer, this product is safe for use in the food and agricultural industries.


Metallised and aluminium foils:
Thickness: Made to order from 1mm – 5mm
Roll width: 1220mm
Roll length: 100m


  • Insulates
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Is shock resistant
  • Is chemically neutral
  • Is moisture resistant
  • Is rot resistant
  • Is durable
  • Is flexible


  • Building + construction — Insulation
  • Food  — Packaging and thermal insulation


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