Cair-o-thene Laminated Rolls


Cair-o-thene rolls can be laminated to Kraft paper, LDPE/HDPE plastics, metallised and aluminium foils in order to create a robust range of products.

By laminating Cair-o-thene to aluminium or metallised foils, the product’s overall strength and insulation (heat deflection) is increased while the cushioning and water resistant properties remain intact. Given that Cair-o-thene is chemically inert and made from food grade virgin polymer, this product is safe for use in the food and agricultural industries.

Laminated Kraft Paper delivers impressive protective cushioning, increased strength and superior moisture absorbent properties, it is an attractive alternative to corrugated Kraft. This is particularly true for use in humid conditions. An example of which would be for use in the prolonged storage of leather or materials that breathe. The Kraft paper absorbs the moisture preventing mildew and rot while delivering superior protection.

Protective laminated covers safeguard furniture while in storage or transit. Not only do Cair-o-thene Protective Bags protect the furniture against environmental soiling, but the covers are laminated with plastic to act as a moisure barrier too. The bags are also heat sealed, which is significantly stronger than stitching. (The covers are available for order in a variety of configurations – offering different levels of strength and water proofing properties).

Cair-o-thene Moistureblock: Given its unique closed cell structure, it is durable, flexible and tear resistant. This, coupled with the product’s superior thermal and sound insulation and cushioning properties, makes Cair-o-thene Moistureblock an ideal and cost effective solution for laminated floor underlays.


Kraft Lamination:
Material thickness: 1mm and 2mm laminated to 50gsm kraft paper
Roll width: 1220mm
Roll length: 100m


Metallised and aluminium foils:
Thickness: Made to order from 1mm – 5mm
Roll width: 1220mm
Roll length: 100m


  • Building + construction — Laminate floor underlays and insulation (+200mm overlays)
  • Insulates
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Is shock resistant
  • Is chemically neutral
  • Is moisture resistant
  • Is rot resistant
  • Is durable
  • Is flexible


  • Catering — Protectors (glassware and crockery)
  • Electronics — Computer component packaging
  • Marine + automotive — Parts packaging
  • Furniture manufacture —  Protectors
  • Cosmetics + toiletries — Protective bags
  • Medical + pharmaceutical — Protective bags


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