Cair-o-thene Cut Sheets


Given their unique closed cell structure, Michdar’s Cair-o-thene Cut Sheets are durable, flexible and resistant to moisture penetration. This makes them ideal for:

Fruit and vegetable liners and fruit caps: Cair-o-thene Cut Sheets are chemically neutral, non-toxic, odourless, hygenic, light weight and soft. This means that they can extend the life of fruit and vegetables by preventing in-transit and on-shelf bruising and damage. Furthermore, the liners, end caps and punched sheets are made from food grade virgin polymers.

Fruit and vegetable punched sheets: Also made from food grade virgin polymers, the punched sheets both protect food and allow for air circulation in cold rooms, thereby ensuring rapid cooling.

Interleaving and box lining: Given the product’s moisture insulation, interleaving and box lining properties, Cair-o-thene Cut Sheets offer an ideal solution for a variety of products from clothing to crockery.


Off the shelf cut sheet sizes: MK6 (280mm x 375mm)
MK4 (460mm x 300mm)
MK9 (580mm x 400mm)
Also cut to Size
Material thickness: 1mm – 5mm


  • Protects
  • Insulates
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Is non-toxic
  • Is chemically neutral
  • Is of food grade standard


  • Protecting: Vulnerable surfaces from abrasions and impact damage without scuffing, marking or sticking.


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